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Mastertoaster Recordings

Al Da Tosta

Mastertoaster Recordings is a netlabel home for new bands and artists we like and also a space to promote their music through the net. Our netlabel intends to be a friendly place where other fellow artists will be able to release their music freely and share with you for free. A netlabel is a non profit organization so it means we do this for art´s sake. We hope you enjoy yourself. The pleasure of creating music is condemned to death by dealing with the terrible idea that everything has a price and therefore has to be sold inmediately, labelled and thrown to the mainstream to be succesful. For music industry seems to be equal to sell a huge number of copies of your work that not always means money for the artists, no recognition and easily forgotten by labels when the artist are not anymore a product. It´s easy to see how nowadays talent and creativity are tied to this fact. Of course we agree and respect that any other artist can decide to sell its music and earn some money for living, but we also think in opposition to this about the possibility of releasing music just for the pleasure of doing it and using internet freely as a tool for making music and its artists more accesible to everyone. Our mission is release and promote artists and projects we consider interesting creating a community of people with a common interest: music Our enthusiasm comes with the idea of a place where music is free but it doesn´t mean we should be worst or better than any other commercial label. This is just different. For more info you can visit Mastertoaster Recordings Download, listen and enjoy!

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Mastertoaster Recordings
by Psicodèlic FunKilljazz
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For more info please visit Mastertoaster Recordings
Topic: funk, jazz, psychedelic , rock